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Vacuum Impregnation of Die Cast Aluminum Housing for a Pump Manufacturer

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A high volume pump manufacturer required vacuum impregnation of a 380 aluminum, die cast pump. The vacuum impregnation was to provide sealing of micro porosity, and was to be completed after painting and machining, this uncommon order of process required special handling. Custom dividers had to be installed in the vessel to avoid damaging any of the finished surfaces, and meet the high rate of production required.

The process which had explicit porosity impregnation requirements was to be performed on specific areas which required an air tight seal on the pump and oil side of the casting. Each finished part was placed through thermal curing and UV inspection before being placed in specific customer specified packaging. The customer order for this product consisted of 125,000 parts to be produced annually, or 500 per day. We not only met all of the customers’ requirements for quality and production but also provided them with next day delivery to keep their operation stocked at all times.

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Highlights of this Precision Vacuum Impregnation Project

Product Description Aluminum Die Castings
Vacuum Impregnation Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Vacuum Impregnation
  • Cast
  • Trim
  • wheelabrate
  • Paint
  • Machine
  • Vacuum Impregnation
Thermal Curing

  • Cell Pack in Returnable Cell Divided Packaging Free of Debris and Any Containments
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 8.86"
Width: 5.33"
Thickness: 1.34"
Tolerances Air tightness of pump side/Air tightness of oil seal side
Material Coated A 380 Aluminum Die Casting
Resistances Surface Must Be Sealed to Air Tightness Per Print on Oil and Airside
Features Parts are Painted Prior to Vacuum Impregnation
In process testing/inspection performed UV Inspection
Coverage Testing
Industry for Use Pump Manufacturing
Volume 125,000 Pieces Per Year
500 Pieces Per Day
Delivery/Turnaround Time Next Day/Overnight Delivery
Delivery Location Wisconsin
Standards Met RoHS/EELV Compliant
ISO 9001:2008
Product Name Pump Housing

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